16th December 2017

It's really amazing how we've gone past the time when designers used to disappoint clients. Just this morning, we got talking about those days when you ask a designer to make a dress and then you get the shock of your life on the very ...

15th December 2017

You know when some people tell you, "If I make a meal myself, I loose appetite and I can't eat it anymore.." Does that happen to you too? I really don't know if it's the same with fashion designers though. You know?, Like you make ...

5th December 2017

"IMAGE" collection imbibe women of great personality, people of influence creating great marks and still care about their wellbeing. They have unique charisma and fashion sense. More outfits to anticipate‚̧ Photo: @christal_wears

4th December 2017

Reception dress inspiration


https://www.instagram.com/p/BcPsCqpHgzA/ https://www.instagram.com/p/Bb9ZuYdlnm2/ Photo/ Link: @fadoua_collection/ @adesuaetomi

29th November 2017

Runway to Real life


What do you think? Yay or Nay? Photo: @fashionbombdaily

Photo: @lizzy_anjorin_clothings

28th November 2017

Tewa Onasanya is the CEO/Editor in Chief, Exquisite Magazine; Founder, EMAC and Eloy Awards. Eloy Awards has been celebrating women since 2008, in different fields. Every year has been fantastic and this year was no exception. The 9th edition also unveiled the new eloy awards ...

22nd November 2017

Nigerian label Anuba Couture presents to you its latest menswear fashion offering titled THE ANUBA MAN. For the collection, the designer incorporated a coruscating array of textured and polished wool, silk print damask, crushed silk placements, and intricately beaded collar and cap into classic and ...

20th November 2017

Fashion gone wrong!


This is one of those times when you feel like putting a gun down the throat of some people. While everyone looked stunning at the traditional wedding of the W's, the Nigerian producer and DJ, MasterKraft, wasn't looking so great after all... It was actually ...