4th December 2017

Ask Chic Ama how to do it... Photo: @chicamastyle

7th November 2017
6th November 2017

I love good shoes!!!


I love good shoes! Who else does? In my own opinion, you might not necessarily have to wear extremely expensive clothes but your shoes?.... they have to be heaven! I'm afraid though. Looking at my cravings for good shoes, I hope I don't get to ...

30th October 2017
Picture Perfect III

Picture Perfect


Each movie premiere brings a buzz of excitement and grand expectations for the red carpet. Use these behind-the-scene cues to find your new favorite character. 1. Language of color- Color influences how we perceive things. In cinema and television, it plays a leading role. Red ...

14th October 2017

"One lie is enough to question all truth". The wait is finally over!!! The most anticipated Nollywood thriller is now in cinemas. Tell a friend to tell a friend. Check out movie schedules... This is a wonderful time to take your family out to see ...

12th October 2017

The Exquisite Ladies of the year Awards announces more media partners and calls for sponsorship and more partnership. Contact us on ydagency@yettyd.com or visit www.eloyawards.com

9th October 2017

Did you say she makes heads turn? Nah! she's a master "Show Stopper!". Trust her to do justice to that. Ini Edo steps out in style in Fouad Sarkis Couture. Fouad Sarkis sweeps you up in total glamour and luxury with an array of gorgeous ...

Have you ever wondered why a lady will be so interested in carving her brows perfectly, while paying less attention to every other part of the face? The main function of the brows is hypothesized to prevent sweat, water, and other debris from falling down ...

7th October 2017

Spa Saturday- Hydro Massage


People go through a lot of stress on a daily basis and a good massage will do. Bit like my younger sister, a lot of people are also scared of massage, especially the traditional one. I love it though, but there are times I crave ...


Stage play- One sided coin


There are two sides of a coin. What you see is not what I see... 4th party playhouse presents....."One sided coin"- a stage play. I love stage plays! Let's go see it... Venue: Agip Recital hall, Muson centre. Date: Sunday, 8th October, 2017. Redcarpet: 4pm ...

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