13th November 2017

"And virtue called out! 30+3 years ago, the voice of a tiny little you was heard, yes, you were born into a world that seeks your gender at your arrival! We are sure they asked! "Is the child a boy?" but we are glad you're ...

9th November 2017

Eloy Awards presents to you... Uwani, Sisi Yemmie, Delphinator, Kehinde, That igbo chick... Who gets the award...? Who wears the crown....? Let your votes count...

22nd October 2017

Photo: @onobello/ @gertjohancoetzee

19th October 2017

Majid Michel quits kissing


Wawuuu....Surprise! Surprise! What can i say about this new found faith? A quick one...would you quit your career because you found Christ? One of Ghana's finest actors, Majid Michel, says he's no longer accepting kissing roles, as it is going to affect his new found ...

14th October 2017

Lagos - From the 25th – 28th October 2017 at Eko Atlantic, Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week will galvanize the entire African continent to be the global locus for creativity and commerce from Lagos, Nigeria, as it returns for its 7th edition with Heineken ...

10th October 2017

When you cannot give back to the society, what then is the essence of your wealth? Even at that, you do not need to have the world, to give back to the society. All you need is a kind heart. The first lady of the ...

9th October 2017

9 to 5 chick- Break the Norm


In some parts of Nigeria, Lagos especially, wearing native(Ankara) to the office on every other day, except Friday, seems almost like a forbidden fruit. But I dare you to break the norm and look stylish, not just in your suits or English wears. Have a ...

7th October 2017

The shows at the 2017 edition of the Glitz Africa Fashion Week (GAFW), kicked off on the 6th of October and we have the delight to bring you Ono Bello’s style on Day 1 in Accra. Her first look here is a print maxi gown ...

5th October 2017

DSTV Delicious festival 2017


I love food, I don't know about you? (Laugh). I need to hurry to South Africa! Who's with me on this? The DSTV Delicious International Food and Music Festival is here again and will be taking place at the prestigious Kyalami Grand Pix Circuit. International ...

1st October 2017

Style blogger and fashion entrepreneur, Aderonke Enoabasi Adefalujo shows patriotism in her October 1st pictures. Photo credit: @therealrhonkefella

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