13th November 2017

"And virtue called out! 30+3 years ago, the voice of a tiny little you was heard, yes, you were born into a world that seeks your gender at your arrival! We are sure they asked! "Is the child a boy?" but we are glad you're ...

1st November 2017

Congratulations to the CEO, and the Iroko tv team on it's official launch in Accra, Ghana, with Ghanian actress, Jackie Appiah, as the ambassador. Iroko tv.....the home of Nollywood and Ghanian movies. https://www.instagram.com/p/Ba9M9AdBHDx/ Photo/Link: @jadonnjoku/ @irokotv

23rd October 2017

https://www.instagram.com/p/BajWxEEgaiV/ https://www.instagram.com/p/Balx__eDB9X/ Photo/link: @omawumi

2nd October 2017

A huge congrats to actor and Mr Nigeria, Emmanuel Ikubese,on his new appointment as the United Nation's Millennium Development Goals(UNMDG) Ambassador. "As a student of International Relations, I studied a great deal about the United Nations and the MDGs. I am extremely honoured and humbled ...

15th August 2017

The South Africa Ambassador, His Excellency, Mr Darkey Africa welcomed Mrs Faith Ogaga, the Mrs Nigeria Universe 2017 Queen and her team to his office. Mrs Universe Country Director, Mrs Sarah Anogwi said the visit to the Consul-General office is to inform him of their ...