Pants : Something You Need To Know Before You Wear Them


Black pants are one of the most important clothing item in any 9 to 5 woman’s wardrobe. You can never have too many of it and are likely to always hunt for the “perfect” pair. The classic black pant changes depending on the season or period, if it’s sunny for example, you might want to go for a slimmer shape and a length that stops at the ankle. Something about that minor modification breathes new life into what you already own. It makes a tanker sweater  combo look fresh, a jacket modern, and adds a twist to a classic blazer and blouse.

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There tends to be confusion about what constitutes ankle pants versus cropped pants, so let’s talk about that for a minute.

An ankle pant should stop at the ankle. Some will hit at the very top, others will cut across the middle part of the ankle, at their longest they just cover it. A cropped pant cuts across your calf and more often than not creates an awkward line to the body. A cropped pant inadvertently makes your legs look stubby, even when they’re not. They are also inherently more casual than an ankle pant.







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