1. The best way to get fit is to run. Nope. This is a myth, the best form of exercise is not running, neither is it swimming or
weightlifting, it is the exercise that you love and enjoy doing. Almost any exercise that gets your heartbeat up, and causes you to sweat and burn calories will make you lose weight, so find the one you love, do your research or get a trainer to ease you into it, be consistent and watch the weight melt off of you.

2. To workout effectively, you have to workout for five or six days a week. This is not true, fitness is a lifestyle and inasmuch as having a routine will help you stay accountable, the most important thing is to incorporate fitness into your lifestyle. Take the stairs at work, use a pedometer or a step counting app and stay active all day long, avoid burnout by having rest days if you workout almost everyday of the week and just enjoy your new, fit lifestyle.

3. You don’t need to workout to maintain your weightloss, just go on a diet. This is a myth. The truth is that if you diet, you will lose the weight, but if you workout, you will be able to keep the weight off, so the best way for sustainable weight loss is to eat right and workout together. To lose weight, incorporate calorie deficit in your meals and workout as well.

4. No pain, no gain. No way, don’t believe them when they tell you this. Exercise is not supposed to be painful, infact, when it is painful, you need to check that your body parts are in perfect shape. If you go into a squat for instance and it is painful, then your form may be wrong, stop immediately and check out your form with a trained fitness instructor. Having said that, there is a discomfort associated with exercise, your breathe will be heavy,you will pant, you will perspire and your body will be challenged. And if you weight train, you will ache afterwards. But it will not be pain.

By: Coach B.

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