FASHION: These Balenciaga Sneakers Were Just Named Fall’s Hottest Fashion Item


Spending hundreds of naira on a pair of sneakers can admittedly be tough to wrap your head around, but that hasn’t stopped droves of people from wanting to buy Balenciaga’s new cult-favorite Speed Trainer sneakers, which retail for $695 (#250,200).

As reported by Business of Fashion, search platform List has just named the brand’s futuristic sock sneakers as the top product of Q3 this year, which explains why every iteration of the sneaker has been selling out quickly after they’re restocked.
Not only did Balenciaga land the top product of fall 2017, they also knocked Gucci off of the top spot to take its place as the hottest brand of Q3 (don’t worry, Gucci is right behind it in the second spot). As evidenced by the street style throughout the most recent fashion month, the new Balenciaga logo was everywhere you looked.

While Balenciaga’s rise to the top has certainly been impressive, Business of Fashion points out that perhaps even more noteworthy is the rise of Off-White from 34th on the list in Q2 to 3rd in Q2. It’s worth pointing out that Off-White also has had a number of hit sneaker launches on its hands as of late.

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