EM Meets with the organisers of the first beauty exhibition in Nigeria:


The BEAUTY AFRICA EXHIBITION & also talks with one of the top International makeup artist, KHURAIRA MUSA:


images1/ How is the conference program formatted at Beauty Africa and why?

SALLY: The conference hosts 3 days of action-packed content! Divided into the 3 main sectors of the industry, day one focuses on make-up, day two on haircare and day three on skincare and spa. We wanted to ensure the audience is educated not only on the business side but also on enhancing their techniques too. The business talks will discuss topics such as setting up a business, marketing and finance. The program also features lectures, which highlights the theoretical aspects of the topics and then each afternoon there are the interactive LIVE DEMO’s. The expert speakers will highlight to the audience the skills and methods needed to recreate such looks, for example airbrushing, weaves and treating problematic skin.


2/What is the future outlook for the beauty industry in Nigeria and how will this affect your plans for the Beauty Africa Exhibition and Congress?

SALLY: The future is bright for the Nigerian cosmetic market. It is of top priority for West African women to look the best and so they make a huge effort when it comes to their skin, hair and makeup. Combine this with the ever growing population and wealth in Nigeria, it sets the scene for huge potential from independent and major beauty houses to position themselves within this thriving market. In turn, this will positively impact the event and we hope to continue showcasing more experts, more products and more technologies in helping to advance this exciting industry within West Africa.

3/ What is the highlight of the event?

SALLY: There are so many exciting elements to this event, however I believe the main highlight is the gathering of so many regional and global industry experts who are willing to not only share their personal stories of how they have made it in the industry but whom are taking time out to share their expertise and skills with the audience. We have worked hard to cherry pick top experts for the program and we look forward to adding more industry experts to the program in the future.

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4) Why did you decide to be a part of Beauty Africa?

K: Beauty Africa is an event that educates, inspires and empowers women. Those elements coincide with the core of Khuraira Cosmetics social aspirations.

5) How do you envisage Beauty Africa Exhibition and Congress progressing over the coming years?

K: There is a real thirst for knowledge and opportunities in Africa, specially among women. That need will only grow bigger as years go by. Events such as Beauty Africa fulfill that need and therefore have a very bright future within the continent and beyond.

6) What made you get into the beauty business and how did you go about launching your own range of cosmetics?

K: My love for beauty started very early. As a little girl , I played Makeup Artist using henna and creating colors with different flowers and whatever else I could find. As I moved to the USA and the opportunity to work in the Cosmetics industry presented itself, I was thrilled, because I knew it was a calling. Moreover, the beauty business is a great medium for me to not only uplift women, but also to empower them.

As a top international makeup artist for leading makeup brands, who spent years making women of all skin tone and works of life flawless and advising on product development, I saw many weaknesses that even the leading brands failed to address, so doing my own thing was a natural move.
Of course, leaving that comfort zone that a fix salary provides to make that leap towards business ownership can be frightening. But, no risk, no gain, and thank God for my husband’s full support, here we are today…

7) Are you adding any additional products over the coming year?

K: We are working on a luxury lash line and a full skincare line that we intend to launch by Fall of 2015, God willing

8) Tell us what is so special about airbrushing.

K: There are a lot of great things that are achieved through airbrushing that will not be achieved even with the best traditional foundation:

Professional airbrush makeup guarantees 12 hours of flawless beauty. Airbrush makeup is smudge-proof, not transferable and can be custom blended for spraying all over the body.

9) Do you have any future plans to expand in Africa?

K: Expansion into Africa for Khuraira Cosmetics is a must. Not only because Africa is the next big beauty market, but mostly because Khuraira Cosmetics could play a huge role in creating income opportunities for young women on the Continent, something is that as we know an absolute priority. More women with a decent income means less children lacking the basic necessities. This indirectly fulfills the other aspiration of khuraira Cosmetics as our belief is that a hurting child anywhere, is our responsibility, all of us, everywhere…

Of course, Khuraira being a US based company, an expansion into Africa requires the right partnerships within that market.

10) Advice for women who are thinking of opening their own beauty business.

As I said earlier, venturing into business ownership can be frightening but very rewarding at the end. But, it takes the right preparation and hard work. Preparation in terms of acquiring expertise in all aspects of the beauty industry, form sourcing, artistry, product development, management, marketing… setting scalable goals, securing enough start-up capital, creating the right partnerships….

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