EM FASHION – Sweet Valentine of Mine


Simply put: Valentine’s Day is a fun day to celebrate love! Whether beginning or rekindling, here are a few ways to add some sizzle to your style for the biggest date night worldwide!

1. Love, always- Every relationship has its ups and downs, but the most beautiful romances tend to treat February 14th as just another day because both spouses show love to each other throughout the year. But even the best pairings can benefit from a great night out! A classic option is red roses over black. A gorgeous dress will impress your husband and leave onlookers in awe. Keep colors and accessories to a minimum since roses are the star of this show.

2. First love- What better way to celebrate a budding romance than a delightfully pink ensemble? It is fresh and innocent- perfect for an afternoon date at the gardens or tea. Femininity makes major impact, not vulgarity. Risqué only draws attention. There is something undeniably beautiful about a lady in a lovely dress, beautiful hairstyle, and a touch of glamourous gloss and perfume. Whether or not you see her makes her no difference: she dresses up for herself. But she can appreciate that you took the time to notice.

3. Exotic romance- A maturing love is one of the most revered. Who says love stops at 40? A love built on years of unity deserves an outfit as beautiful. Maturing also means realizing what no longer works and highlighting sophistication. Stylish fringe along the sleeves and hem helps arms and legs look as lovely as the first date. Show classy creativity with a unique clutch and earrings. Make the look memorable with moisturizing lipstick and dazzling nail polish. Add a matching coat of gloss to the center of the lips for subtle sheen, reviving a youthful pout.

BY: StyleItKell, beauty and style contributor

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