Abuja based Hasfat is a young lady inspired by her mother through her upbringing to be a better version of herself. Her brand is unique for its comfortability as she specializes in making beautiful leather foot wears as well as a fragrance(s) which is her newest line of business. IMG_3383 IMG_3977 IMG_3979 IMG_5173 IMG_5367 HOW DID THE JOURNEY BEGIN? I am the first and only female child in my family, so being the first born, I became a very responsible person at a very young age. I had all these huge dreams of being a successful business woman like my mother when I grow up, it all happened when my mother slashed my allowances after my secondary school and told me to get something doing. I started with catering, I’m a very lazy person so couldn't go through with it. My first year of university, I came up with this thought of being a photographer, same lazy being was not able to last 2 months, finally decided to be the CEO of the Nigerian Gucci, lol I say that too all my interviewers because I am the CEO of the Nigerian Gucci. The business started approximately 8 months ago and still counting. WHAT IS YOUR SIGNATURE STYLE? Comfort! comfort is all that matters WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR BEST MOMENT AS A DESIGNER? My customers and friends are amazing, I mean, when I started, the very first week I received orders from 24 amazing people all around Nigeria, mostly my friends, have you seen me arranging my products and smiling? that was my very best moment. Thanks to friends and family and people around Nigeria. WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR WORST MOMENT AS A DESIGNER? I can't think of a worst moment since I started my brand, maybe some mistakes I made in the past, but I can't call mistakes worst moments. I believe they open a room for me to amend and be a better designer. ON A SCALE OF 1-10 WHATS BEEN YOUR RESPONSE FROM CUSTOMERS? Not to brag, but I can actually say 10 because the reviews I get are honestly amazing, the best review was the one the guy who was one of my clients; said he thinks the shoe does the walking for him, all he does is wear them. I was on top of the world. WHICH CELEBRITIES HAVE WORN YOUR BRANDS? Maryam Booth, Nafeesat Abdullahi and many more, DONJAZZY is going to wear a slipper soon because I’m working on his special pair. HOW DO YOU BALANCE WORK AND PLEASURE? It’s simple, by putting my work first. IMG_5444 IMG_5443 IMG_5442 IMG_3081

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