Want to give your style an edgy look? Here are simple tips to get you going


Fashion is, and has always been, highly subjective. The concept of fashion varies so much from one person to the other that two people who are regarded as really fashionable might look nothing alike. However, there are specific details that make your overall style pass as princess, sexy, corporate, or edgy. If you have been trying to make your style a little more edgy and tough to no avail, then here are a few simple tips to get you started.

  • Wear dark colours

When you think of edgy, there’s a good reason why pink or light blue doesn’t pop up on your mind. This is because the edge isn’t home for mild colours. To appear edgy, wear dark colours and think of contrast when pairing items. Black never goes wrong.


  • Wear pieces that belong to the other sex

Ever tried rocking masculine ties, shoes, belts, or watches as a girl? If you haven’t, you should totally explore the idea. The contradiction allows you appear in control and tougher than you would normally look.


  • Rock dark sunglasses unapologetically

Dark sunglasses scream edgy without a doubt. Having your dark shades on as you hit the streets not only shades you from the sometimes rude sun, it also creates an air of mystery around you. Just be sure to wear it in the right place.


  • Your shoes should scream edgy

It is no news that your shoes go a long way in accentuating or ruining your overall style. Hence, your shoe is a very important element to consider. Boots and sneakers are great options for appearing edgy.


  • Accessorize

From piercings to rings and silver wristbands; accessories can take your outfit from boring to hot in seconds. While you might not be able to go all out with rocker girl piercings or tattoos, you can make your look extra gothic by going for hard edgy accessories. Imagine if your pendant was a skull? Edgy, right?


  • Be creative

In all these things, you just have to be creative. Anything can appear edgy if you take the time to make it so. Your nail polish or makeup can be edgy, your hair can be edgy, and even the way you style your clothes can be super edgy! Rocking a guy’s shirt as a dress is a creative way to turn your edgy game up to a hundred.


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