WHAT’S NEW IN STORE – Leankid’s Summer Fashion Illustration for Teens


Hello, parents!

Leankid Illustration is a business that specializes in creating fashion illustrations and drawings. This holiday classes will provide a platform for students interested in fashion to hone their talent and garner relevant practical experience. Fashion illustration will serve as a beneficial skill for students looking to go into the fashion industry or other art related discipline and businesses.

We are hosting a three week long programme with classes holding twice a week. The classes will run from 16th July – 3rd August. Our fees are at a subsidized rate and will cover all relevant materials required to participate in the classes such as sketch pads, markers, pencils, colored pencils, easer, Ruler


During the summer classes, the children will learn

Introduction to Fashion illustration

Drawing the Fashion Figure and Fleshing out

Body movement

Faces, fingers, toes and hair

Design details

Clothing the figure

Shading and coloring



Six classes in total, two times a week

Each class = N10,000

Six classes = N60,000

Materials  Miscellenous = N30,000

Total = N90,000



The fashion illustration classes will be held in WorkStation No 7, Ibiyinka Olorunbe close, victoria Island, Lagos. Classes will be on monday  and friday  and there will be two different classes per day (group A and group B) in each class there would be 25 students.

Monday: Class 1 (group A) 10:00am – 1:00pm

               Class 2 (group B) 1:30pm – 4:30pm

Friday: Class 1 (group A) 10:00am – 1:00pm

           Class 2 (group B) 1:30pm – 4:30pm

Fees: N90, 000 (Lunch not included, please bring packed lunch and drink)

What are you waiting for? Register your child today.

Registration ends 6 july, 2018 (only 50 seats available)

For any inquiries, please call 08028798300 or Email: leankidillustrations@gmail.com or Osawaru Evbuomwan on 09083282300


Akhigbe Okhai (A.K.A Leankid) is the founder of illustration company Lean kid.Okhai hails from Edo state and is a graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Building Technology from Covenant University.Akhigbe okhai is a self taughtfree lance illustrator living in Lagos and his work focuses mostly on Fashion. He has worked with notable fashion brands in Nigeria including Lagos fashion week and Fashions finest Africa. Okhai has also been featured in several magazines and has had radio and tv interviews including an interview with BBC (pidgin division).”

REGISTER HERE: https://u6864874.ct.sendgrid.net/wf/click?upn=xu0ae7nazP6Tq5AaJqjzvty-2FhIrEr8JroHQHgbnvuZA-3D_0mkrih5E8dniOahSbEiC-2FJFMmSoSPZkR2u1S6M1ckp79JKF77LqtZo-2F8NYoLQB3ZwcjTF-2FDWGN82gkC2dHth8yHIW-2F0tIf72sT43HCgYmW-2BOEJWcmTXoOkVYR62ONWr1CxTbVtBQF08iY36YSquGPY-2FvzQqPc-2FBbsASm24RpFC1E0kuJXnpaUfVgxtYuHmq6B1YsmigTy55ZGX615Fn-2BKt6TrMFnu8MAsGPQXy-2FpRL3GDng8m1Z5JS5wwreScYaNGR1G4uR9z81Ufj0CEeVZJ5723UqdraGYzjXAz3cDG-2Bb0sMYEtFIkmpdvBc-2Bj6EE9fB1MEwVqKgSq-2B-2Fn5WFIGzd0EjDrDEHk-2FxtSA1jhoU4Ui4zm4EwcULYIkMu-2B-2FOFSXxYIzHd4WzXFTqp68ti-2BY3N-2BO-2FFVuuXmM32kv5I6MEPh5AsdkBKLnPiaLoYUoDKjSRUueEujskpIMMHEtgWFvaYh3f7tklz065xk4QOwdSoZQ-2Frr8gxt3RI5e597iEM-2FY5et7dyAKDiOVpoe8iQNawlZJ0lu-2BjGP2kzwaR066pn2RE1uVxVb5bUvF33rIdMLZczaJXu2tvC7zA2mVVkgR9IhT9gtJcdEeNWBljKKfrwk-3D

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