Fashion Tips: Guidelines To Looking Corporately Chic!!


Starting an amazing career in the corporate Industry is a huge step forward to your goals, but you don’t want to be the same cookie cutter outline of everyone else you work with. You have the style, edge, character, but you also have an image to uphold in the eyes of the company and in the eyes of the consumer. So what can you do to make yourself standout and show your style while maintaining professionalism in the work place? Here is a quick guide to looking good and professional wherever you may be.


Don’t Be Afraid of Color!

When starting out in an office job there is a sea of blues, blacks and white. Yes, we understand the job is the most important thing at task but why can’t we add some color to our day? Adding a big chunky bright necklace to an outfit is a great way to add a small pop of color. Complementing colors to blue and black such as peach, coral, light blue, or pink are trending and look great. Another great color trick is buying colorful blazers. Match a black dress with a white blazer that features a bright bold pattern on the cuffs. You’ll get complements all day long. Bold blouses are another trick to add color, especially if paired in a high-waist skirt suit. Lastly, for another quick added pop of color, bright colored shoes draw in everyone’s attention.


Well Fitted Clothes are a Must!

Wearing a blazer that is too big? Are you trousers way too loose? Then you don’t look professional! When we buy quick fit suits it seems like everything is one size fits all. It’s important to either get your look tailored, or find trousers that actually fit your body. A curve hugging pant isn’t inappropriate as long as it’s not way too tight! Focus on what makes you feel confident, a little sexy, and a power house in the office.



Accessories are the secret to any great looking, well put together outfit. Accessories can give you some of the edge you have in your everyday fashion without losing your professionalism. Bold necklaces, big rings, flashy earrings are a perfect little bit of added bling to your wardrobe – just be sure not to go over the top. That never looks good! Pick one or two big items because less is always more.



Your Shoes are The Window to Your Wardrobe!

Your eyes may be the window to your soul, but your shoes tell us everything we need to know about your closet! Keeping a professional look at work is a must and with a great pencil skirt, sheer blouse, and fitted blazer, adding a killer heel or pump truly makes the entire outfit. Keep the heels 3” or lower, you’re not going out to the club, but do rock colors, and styles all day long.


Style’s Important but Length Matters!

Yes that dress you bought may cover your chest, but it’s about 5 inches above your knee! You don’t need gawkers at work thinking the wrong things about you so be sure to wear dresses and skirts that are just around the knee. A few inches higher is OK, but try not to wear a heel that accentuates your features too much with a shorter style! A-line dresses are a perfect way to show off your waistline (and bust) without being too sexy and with a crop sleeved blazer or cardigan you’re looking fabulous.

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