Eki Orleans paints an eclectic portrait of street style

Our vision was to capture the edgy, eclectic mood on the vibrant streets of London in our luxurious prints.
We selected models who captivated the true essence of Eki Orleans and oozed a fun, relaxed and earthy personality.

The images portray a mood and tells a visual story of an Eki girl who is reflective in her thoughts, yet commands the centre of attraction when she owns her stage. She is fun, loving and always ignited around people. Her romantic evenings with her partner are gentle and sophisticated, yet always with a spark of mischief in her eyes. She’s fierce and sexy. She’s Eki!
EKI 717

EKI 692 (1)

EKI 609

EKI 546 (1)

EKI 523 (1)

EKI 482
Being an Eki girl is about being strong within yourself no matter what life throws at you. An Eki girl commands the centre of attraction. Some may choose to do this quietly, whilst others are bolder but always with grace.
EKI 99

EKI 163

EKI 159

EKI 458

EKI 418

EKI 336
Photo Credits: Sanaa Abstrakt

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