What I like about fashion is dressing up how i like to, forgetting the modern life pressure of how we should look and how we should not. I like to take style as an adventure, I never know what I will wear next and if I will pull it off or not. Sometimes i imagine wearing one outfit and end up in something completely different. The weather does play a crucial part of what I wear sometimes, it is very interesting how you can express yourself through fashion. I wore this look on valentine weekend in Oxford street London, The culottes I wore is another score from H&M collection, it get better as I found a lovely loose top to match it. It was a job well executed by me. You get it? I wanted to create a very easy look and just throw on a coat to get through the day and it worked. I really like the colour of the pant and the length, something i can restyle in another way Talk soon Sophia La Style

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