353d6905a09abb11f7be0fbb619df4b7 EM- CAN YOU GIVE US A BRIEF INTRODUCTION ABOUT YOU AND YOUR BRAND? BIBI- My name is Abimbola. The Name of my Brand is Bibi’s Quintessence. HOW DID YOU GET INVOLVED WITH STYLING AS A CAREER? It all started from being a designer to knowing the exact way an outfit should suit a body type, for what occasions and any event. WHAT INSPIRES YOU? Everything -Art, music and anything around me with designs; it’s my imagination and fabrics most times. WHAT DOES FASHION AND STYLE MEAN TO YOU? Fashion is a way of life, Style is eternal. HOW DO YOU ALWAYS KNOW WHAT SUITS A CLIENT? It’s basically their body and what would look good on them. DO YOU RELY STRICTLY ON YOUR CHOICE AND IDEAS FOR CLIENTS OR YOU ALLOW THEIR IDEAS INCLUSIVELY? I allow their choices of course, you cannot force people into dresses they don’t want to wear, but I advise and state instances, on a percentage of 100, I think I convince 85% of my clients. TELL US WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A GOOD STYLIST? It is the ability to choose clothing and accessories to complement people’s body type and lifestyle. Basically creative, paying full attention to detail, spoken and written communication is key in styling biz, interpersonal skills, time management, analytical mind, and ability to improvise when need be. 0ff2b117f0d7e740e68636669a31ca86 WHAT PROJECTS ARE YOU AFFILIATED WITH? Working on BQ maternity line. ASIDES STYLING WHAT ELSE DO YOU DO? I bring Ebanking services to Life, I’m all about making people happy in all I NAME 3 PEOLPE YOU WILL LIKE TO STYLE HOME AND ABROAD. Victoria Beckham, Solange and Genevieve Nnaji HOW DO YOU DEFINE A WOMAN OF EXCELLENCE? A woman who is not scared of failure, and is confident. WHAT ARE THE ‘MUST HAVE’ ITEMS YOU CAN NOT DO WITHOUT? My foundation, makeup and high heeled shoes FAVOURITE VACATION PLACE / SPOT? Dubai YOUR FAVOURITE QUOTE “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”.

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