AirBrush_20161026230643 (1) 1. My style is ... Afrocentric Chic. I love anything with African accents or fabric. 2. I cannot live without... My Phone, obviously. 3. Fav fashion trick...wearing a skater Skirt under my midi pleated skirt to give an extra volume 4. Fav designer ....For shoes, I love Sophia Webster! She just gets it with colours and her designs are beautiful!And for Clothes, I love the creative “Stella Jean”. She is a multi-talented designer and I love how she works with African fabrics and transforms them into pieces of Art. IMG-20170106-WA0027 5. One item every girl should own...A statement neckpiece 6.Next item on my wish list...A Jet 7. Last purchase ... 1881 Cerruti Perfume 1881 8. My fav boutique shop.... I have none to be honest, I shop anywhere I find pieces I am comfortable with. From high streets to the markets/shops. Mine is all about the beauty and fit, not necessarily the brand. 9. Best shopping city.....London. Anytime any day london 10. I feel most sexy when I am wearing...I feel beautiful EVERYDAY, because I determine the vibe I get from whatever I am wearing not vice versa, but I’d say a wrap top from @sgtcclothing clothing of course or a bodycon dress. 11. When I'm on the red carpet I like to...Wear a smile and pretend I know who ever greets me familiarly. 1. Fashion rule I live by...Stay true to your style and be confident enough to rock it! 5G1A3824 13 I am currently carrying ...A Lulu Gunniess Purse and Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunnies. 14. Name your favourite piece in your wardrobe...My First SGTC Clothing shift dress 15. Signature accessories.... Sunglasses Wayfarer_Black 16. What are you buying this season to update your look.... More African prints 17. Who is the most stylish woman you have seen...They are too many for me to start mentioning and I do not think I can streamline to just one Person. Lisa Folawiyo for her “edginess”, Folake Huntoon (style Panty) because her style speaks elegance. I respect those two. 18. What are your beauty essentials? Oh so easy, GARNIER PRODUCTS!! 19: Early style influencer...MY DAD! He is my Fashion Hero, all rounder!! He taught me everything I know about fashion today. 20. How often do you repeat outfits...May be 3 months on an average, but it is simply because I get lazy going through laundry. I repeat clothes because they are mine and not disposable. 21. Do you follow trends? NAH!!I follow my heart and wear whatever I love. 22. Fav holiday destination and why? Cancun Mexico.... what’s not to love? Green Eater and Blue Sky. Too therapautic. 23: Describe your ultimate party dress.... I do not go for parties, but my ultimate party dress will be a figure-hugging, shiny black dress. 24: How do you like your jewellery: statement or simple? STATEMENT. 25: What's your earliest fashion memory? Dad taking us shopping and listening to Fela.

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