Choose the right size of handbag

I just love bags that come in double sizes(big and medium), so I can carry the big one when I'm going on a 2 to 3 day journey(laughs). I call that wise spending...And before now, I was of the opinion that if you're petite in nature, you should carry a big bag, so as to make you look big and matter. But guess what? I was totally wrong! <br /> <br /> Looking like you are carrying a suitcase is not a good idea. Huge purses look out of proportion to a petite woman's size and make you look even smaller. Can you imagine?(surprised). So if you're endowed with a petite nature, a small sized bag would look great on you. *Wink* Handbags are a statement fashion accessory. So make the right statement.... Photo: @blossomluxuryfashion01

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