Yesterday, a beautician and make up artist CEO, EAN ARTISTRY shared her beauty regimen with us. We would like to lay more emphasis on the personal tips that can be helpful to us.

1) Always have makeup up wipes by your bed side, it will come in handy on a lazy day when you just can't make it to the bathroom to take off your makeup properly.

2) When cleansing your face, the minimum amount of time you should spend lathering with soap should be the whole duration of the birthday song. So while washing your face you can start singing “happy birthday to you...” and at the end of the song you have spent the minimum amount of time you should spend washing your face either in the morning or at night. You can go beyond this, infact you should but at least if you don’t have time you know at the end of the song, you're good!

3) Train yourself not to touch your face all the time. Our hands have more bacteria than our feet because we constantly touch things around us transferring that to our face at any given time. This could lead to break outs and all sorts of untraceable reactions.

4) When applying makeup if you have a small lid like me, always make sure your eyelid color extends a bit above your crease line so when you look up the whole color doesn't disappear.

5.) When looking for products that work for your skin, expensive isn't always better. Sometimes your salvation can be in cheap home made products. So start cheap and work your way up. Also stick to one product if it works for you, you don't need 10 things if 3 things have all you need.


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