Imagine a world where all you need is at your fingertips, the products, and the analysis through influencers, the platform to order and the payment solution you can trust. These and all its goodies are some of the topics of discussion at the Mercedes Benz World PR Beauty Business Week. The world is fast moving online with several shopping platforms across the world with ready shipping partners to deliver the goods to the consumers. In the Nigerian Beauty Industry, one of such growing platforms is BeautyRevNG, following closely is Vave Polish and Youtopia Beauty. Gone are those days where people had to literally sweat through beauty counters and sit with makeup artists to assist you decide on that perfect shade, that perfect skincare regimen, that perfect lip shade, the world as we know it has now become a borderless one. Any of your beauty related question on any brand is a Google or an Instagram page away. So product? , Availability? , Payment? Now this is the part that stalls 99% of all possible online transactions. Is the platform safe? Will they deduct more? Are my details safe?. Companies are constantly looking for ways to give both their clients and clients potential customer’s peace of mind. At the Mercedes Benz Beauty Business Week, we invited Online payment expert SimplePay to discuss how customers can have rest of mind knowing their solutions are safe and effective, experts from top E-Commerce transaction specialists were in the panel to answer to both stakeholders and indeed the end users who pay using those platforms like, Simple Pay and Pay Stack which are fast becoming platforms you can trust when deciding on payment methods online. As the event continues to delve deeper into ease of shopping for end users, it promises to continue to shed more light in matters that add value to the beauty industry both for end users and stakeholders.

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