FASHION HIGHLIGHTS – The SAG Awards Are Like a Casting Call For the Sexiest Gowns of the Season

While the Women's March and #TimesUp movement are still fresh on everyone's minds, stars aren't strictly wearing all black to the 2018 SAG Awards. They added some color to their red carpet looks, whether it was with a fiery red gown or a plunging neckline on a black dress. Some stars even dared to go ...



No one wears “simplicity” better than she does

Simi just has her own unique way with faahion. Her simplicity when it comes to her selection of outfit, her hairdo and even her makeup, is next to nothing. No one else does it better. That's her niche, I guess. Photo - @dikophotograpy Dress - @airvyatelier MakeUp - @arabylaide Hair - @zubbydefinition Photo source- @symplysimi


Styled by You

EM FASHION – Styled by You

Putting a chic spin on the boldest styles only takes a few steps- and your innate creativity. To make a statement all your own, stay tuned! 1. Rocker chic- For the everyday rockstar, take the two dominant colors in the tartan and play them up in your accessories. Step two: switch it up! Take a ...



Crush-Worthy Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas

It's no secret that holidays produce the most festive fingertips. While we've seen some jaw-dropping designs for Christmas and Halloween, the fancy creations that come out of Valentine's Day hold a special place in our chocolate-and-rose-loving souls. And just because filling out Valentine's Day cards for classmates may be a thing of the distant past ...



How well do you like a different dimension outfit

I don't know if I'm the only one with this attitude though. Lol. If I have an outfit that has different dimensions, just like the 3 piece transformer outfit below, I just see it as me having different outfits. Do you feel the same way too? Photo: @elegantebytiannah



Checkout this face dress designed by the style goddess, Toyin Lawani

Photo: @elegantebytiannah



#DisguiseTheMovie coming soon to a cinema near you..

What do women want??? This is the puzzle this movie imtends to solve. Even the women, sometimes, are confused about what they really want. No wonder IK had to disguise, maybe he could find out what women want, if he put himself in their shoes. Let's see if he can solve the puzzle. #DisguiseTheMovie comes ...


Sophisticate II

New Year’s Sophisticate

Each year is welcomed with its own set of resolutions, but few see the light of May. If you want to keep exquisite style all year long, read on to find out how! 1) Baroque is romantic and effortlessly chic all at once. The use of deep, rich colors and velvet textures is subtle yet ...


death news

EM FASHION NEWS – The Details of the Death of Famed Fashion Designer Gianni Versace

Season two of American Crime Story recounts the tragic death of the Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace. Being that the murder happened more than two decades ago, you might find yourself wondering about the details of this saddening case. How was he killed? When and where did this happen? Here are some of the details ...



Mindset shift with tewa: i am victorious

Say it like you mean it and believe it. I am victorious!! You are victorious. You are a Victor not a victim. You are born to win. Take this week on like the true Victor you are. We are all born to win. Cheers to our successes. Xo Tewa



What do you think about these pants with ankara details

SGTC Clothing is working on something new for 2018. What do you think about these pants with Ankara details? Photo: @sgtcclothing



Sly Monay Fashion launches new collection “The Cravat sequel: Ankara Innovation “

The innovative fashion label has released first of its kind masterpiece. This time around using african fabrics known as Ankara to make cravat ties matching with the pocket squares, brooches and stud buttons which are all removable. The Cravat, studs, pocket squares/brooches are changeable so you have a choice of picking your own color and ...



Beach/Summer wear collection by Yomi Casual

Yomi Makun, the founder and creative director of Yomi Casual fashion brand has launched a limited edition beach/summer wear collection to celebrate his birthday which is coming up on Sunday, 21st January. With the hot sunny days teasing us from around the corner, we can't help but to day dream about what to wear to ...



BEAUTY TIPS – Should You Put Coconut Water in Your Hair? Here’s the Lowdown

There are countless beauty hacks on the internet — some good and some terrible — but when we spotted the idea of dousing your hair in pure coconut water, this hack made total sense. After all, coconuts are filled with a ton of moisture-boosting benefits. This is likely the reason there are already a ton ...



Make a statement with Mai Atafo ‘s trad wears

Just because it's Friday and Fridays are for traditionals, make heads turn in a Mai Atafo traditional outfit. Photo: @maiatafo



EM NEWS – Lupita Nyong’o’s New Book Teaches Girls of Color to “Walk With Joy in Their Own Skin”

Lupita Nyong'o has always been an absolute beauty icon in our eyes, but her latest move is making us look up to her even more than we already did. The Black Panther star announced that she's releasing her very own children's book titled Sulwe, which translates to "star" in her native language of Luo. The ...



Omotola4point0- checkout the program of events for Omotola’s 40th birthday

February is about to be lit! Omotola will be holding a 5-day event for her 40th birthday which is coming up in February. Checkout the lineup of events. Photo: @realomosexy



EM entertainment news:Tanzanian government bans nude photos on social media

Tanzania has banned celebrities, models and video vixens from posting nude pictures on social media. The government announced this through the ‘Music Regulatory Board, BASATA. The government compiled a list of socialites and video vixens who share their semi-nude photos on their social media pages and placed them under observation. Source: punchng.com




Stunning pictures of a mother and her pretty little angel.... Photo credit: eleanorgood - eyphotography By Karah Adu


weekend getaway I

EM FASHION – Weekend Getaway

Career trips do not have to be all work and no play. These are great opportunities to show executives that you have what it takes to represent the company on a global scale. For styles to see new sights in, stay tuned! 1. Impressing the execs beyond the office is also key to securing better ...