Why Do Men Roll Up Their Sleeves ?

First and foremost, i should ask this; WHY DO MEN ROLL THEIR SLEEVES, and the STYLES OF ROLLED SLEEVES?


1. Practical Necessity; Washing the hands, doing heavy lifting where the wrists and forearms are strained, working on something dusty, and so on are all perfectly normal reasons to pull back the shirt sleeves. Anytime your sleeves might get in


RAAAH to Debut This August

Sophisticated yet edgy, timeless yet contemporary, RAAAH is the rocking new label to look out for at Africa Fashion Week London 2014. A huge coup for an emerging label, RAAAH will be showcasing its debut collection “Fly/Fly High” to an international audience on Saturday, 9 August 2014, at 5.30pm. To celebrate its runway debut and give the fans of African fashion a glimpse into its maiden collection, RAAAH is also



Hello Guys,

The double-breasted (DB) blazer is definitely back, in a big way. Gone are the wide shoulders, big shoulder pad, and overdone lapels that dominated the DB blazer back in the 80’s. Now they come with cuts from textured cloth that allow them to transition easily from business to weekend (Not just for the stockbrokers).

For this post, I decided to pair a


Borrowing From The Boys:

Source: Vogue


Fashion Rules to Steal from Male Street Style Stars

It’s safe to say that the colorful world of street style has more or less replaced the runways when it comes to trend-setting looks and outfits to copy. But if you want to stay ahead of the curve, here’s a hot tip: Male street style is where it’s at, and there’s no better scene than the menswear shows in Italy.

1. Aim for effortless. By all means, never look like


Mustafa Hassanali’s Viva Africa Runway Review

Mustafa Hassanali’s Viva Africa Collection at the 5th Sanaa African Festival in South Africa.   Known for his elegant designs and energetic personality, Mustafa Hassanali, Tanzania’s most celebrated fashion designer wowed us with his Viva Africa collection at the 5th Sanaa African Festival in Johannesburg, South Africa. Sanaa, a Swahili word meaning “to create” is the brainchild of Nonhlanhla Matshazi and this year’s theme was to ‘Connect, Collaborate, and Celebrate: Creating from



All the Top Fashion celebrities came out in various High rated fashion designers wear at the CFDA Related articles across the web


The city of Dallas embraces African heritage

On May 16th, 2014, the City of Dallas and Trendy Africa Magazine co-hosted the second Dallas International Fashion Event to spotlight global fashion and the cultural heritage of Africa, including a mix of Asian and European cultures. The event was a platform for international relations. Held at the Dallas City Performance Hall, the evenings lineup featured dancers, entertainers, dignitaries, and international fashion designers. The event was presented by Trendy Africa


Hallero debuts IBADI – ARAN

Hallero debut her all New collection tagged IBADI – ARAN. IBADI – ARAN meaning Nice waist , is a western –traditional mix of modern and traditional influences, with special emphasis of creating a crisp and well defined illusion of a well sculptured waist line when worn , irrespective of how bulky or thin a ladies waist line is . The IBADI – ARAN style collection is sure to be the