Tailored Denim

Light, dark, white, washed, super dark and, obviously, the ever classic navy… Have you guessed what we are talking about yet? Well, you probably have because denim is on everyone’s mind; it is, now more then ever, the leading item on “must-have” lists.

More sophisticated and feminine, this season, denim is going into a new direction, one that is more classic and chic with a lot of



The young aspiring creative, Ifeanyi Nwune, took a step away from his day to day styling and spoke with Adeile ( well, if social messaging interaction counts ) about ‘Control’. IN says Control is a capsule collection including formal, casual and statement pieces”. Having minimal colour and just enough textures, less really is more with this menswear collection. With limitless creativity and aesthetically pleasing visuals, there’s so much more to expect from the


EM Fashion Style On a Budget

Fabulous, chic, glamorous & amazing without you breaking your bank? Yes! It is possible & that depends on you. We can look like a million dollars without even spending too much. 70% of Nigerians believe the costlier the better, 20% only agree it isn’t because they cannot afford it and the rest understand the truth. Yes it is true couture and designer brands are way better, but at the same


Fashion Evolution – “Before Meets Now” By Prince Uzoegwu

Over the years, the fashion industry in Nigeria has undergone lots of changes, nip and tuck. Before now designers played it safe in terms of designs and fabric. Aso oke, ankara, george, etc were the kind of fabrics popular in the industry before. In as much as these fabrics are still in use today, the Nigerian designers have been able to push the envelope by infusing other fabrics such as


Celebrity Style of Temi Dollface


This “musical doll” embodies the soul, passion and drama of the 1950’s. Her style though a throwback to the before, is brought to the present and future with her fierceness and individuality. She refuses to conform to the norm in both her music and fashion, and we are lovin’ it.

Style Q&A

Style Q&A

Style Q & A of the Radio Goddess AKA Bolanle

1. My style is … Simple and Sweet. Some people say it’s Sexy too.

2. Cannot live without… short dresses

3. Fav fashion trick… I’ve worn a really short tight skirt as a boob tube camisole with a jacket over it and it worked!!

4. Fav designer…none.

5. One item every girl should own… A nice flat pair of shoes.


Style Crush- Joseph and Adaeze Yobo

Its valentine season already? Well, luckily we have our fashion binoculars on 24 hours of everyday. This season’s crush goes to the Yobo family, Nigerian hot footballer Josheph Yobo, ex beauty queen Adaeze Yobo and their adorable son. No doubt these are one, if not the most stylish celebrity couples in Nigeria and we definitely can see why. From Giuseppe Zanotti, Dior or Balmain, this power couple always appears stylish