Nude Lingerie For Darker Skin Tones

Nubian Skin’s nude lingerie collection is providing solutions. Nubian Skin, an undergarment brand based in the UK will debut its collection featuring bras, panties and hosiery in hues relevant to dark brown-skinned women of color. Its realistic take on nude means a broader reflection of the diverse shades of skin of women of color. For now, Nubian skin will be offering 4 shades – Berry, Cinnamon, Caramel and Cafe Au Lait


People Magazine’s 2014 Best Dressed List

See the 11 stars who made this year’s roundup, starting from #11 to #1 source: PeopleMagazine


10 Ways to Dress Up an Interview Outfit

Getting a new job is pretty much always a nerve-wrackingexperience. Even with a solid resume, the interview is the moment when you reallyshine. But it’s not just charming your prospective boss by rattling off themany reasons as to why you’re the perfect candidate for the position — you alsoneed to look the part. While it’s always safe to err on the side of caution andopt for a classic black suit



Orange is definitely the new black, and this has nothing to do with the movie directed by jodie foster, orange is actually the new black. It stormed the runway during the spring/summer 2014 and now? Let’s just put it this way… ALL ORANGE EVERYTHING.   You see, the fashion trends are evolving and this has affected on what we see as ‘normal’. Now what’s normal is that this summer enthusiastic


Needlepoint on the Runway at the African Fashion Week London (AFWL) 2014

On the 8th of August 2014, Nigerian Designer brand ‘Needlepoint’ closed the show at the Africa Fashion Week London (AFWL), which took place at the Olympia Kensington in London. The fashion event featured over 50 designers from different parts of Africa. ‘Needle Point’ showcased its Travel Collection also known as the “Cruise Collection 2014”. The Cruise 2014 Collection is the latest to emerge from Needlepoint. This collection is said to


Why Do Men Roll Up Their Sleeves ?

First and foremost, i should ask this; WHY DO MEN ROLL THEIR SLEEVES, and the STYLES OF ROLLED SLEEVES?


1. Practical Necessity; Washing the hands, doing heavy lifting where the wrists and forearms are strained, working on something dusty, and so on are all perfectly normal reasons to pull back the shirt sleeves. Anytime your sleeves might get in


RAAAH to Debut This August

Sophisticated yet edgy, timeless yet contemporary, RAAAH is the rocking new label to look out for at Africa Fashion Week London 2014. A huge coup for an emerging label, RAAAH will be showcasing its debut collection “Fly/Fly High” to an international audience on Saturday, 9 August 2014, at 5.30pm. To celebrate its runway debut and give the fans of African fashion a glimpse into its maiden collection, RAAAH is also



Hello Guys,

The double-breasted (DB) blazer is definitely back, in a big way. Gone are the wide shoulders, big shoulder pad, and overdone lapels that dominated the DB blazer back in the 80’s. Now they come with cuts from textured cloth that allow them to transition easily from business to weekend (Not just for the stockbrokers).

For this post, I decided to pair a