6th February 2015



  I've been all over white lately, which is huge for me because black has been my 'ride-or-die' colour for as long as I can remember. Unless you've been out of tune with the world and every social media site, you will know that it ...

4th February 2015



Black is always a wardrobe essential fashionable classic color to wear. From black dress to blouse, pants and skirt. You can always find the perfect staple to mix. I use to think black outfit was only for mourning. Hell no, black is always a standout ...

2nd February 2015



If you haven't already got a wrap dress hanging in your closet, I suggest you run out and get one ASAP because it's a staple. You need one! You cannot afford not to have one! On days when I have no idea what to wear ...

1st February 2015
Casual Style II

Casual with Style


Wearing denim in a relaxed glam look to rock in a stylish platform. I have completed my denim look with a top and black body fit blazer. While adding a touch of red heels as an extra pop of colour. Denim is here to stay ...

30th January 2015



Perhaps it has been a long week for some of you or perhaps the week just flew by in the blink of an eye for the rest, but either way, it's Friday and we made it through. There's something so refreshing about Friday's, it symbolises ...

21st January 2015



How Colourful is your 2015 outfits going to be?. Many colourful outfit out there that means different things. SS2015 ranges from various runway collection and design that comes with inspiration of colours, from eye popping colours to over bright ones. Wearing colourful outfit will transform ...

19th January 2015



The weekend is over and for most of us 2015 is in full swing. Most of us are back at work, schools are beginning to open and the term 'Happy New Year' is beginning to fade away. It's the third Monday of 2015 and I ...

16th January 2015



Is there such a thing as too much leather? I think not. The weekend is final here so it's time to take some fashion risks. No more uptight suits and buttoned up shirts (although we love those too) unless you're off to a wedding or ...

13th January 2015

Fashion and style talk With style blogger Sophia Imade: Dressing to suit your body is essential. Take a stylish approach to look your best in a way you smell like a fabulous chic. This outfit is an office wear look, not too much attention to ...

11th January 2015

Perfectly Printed


What an honour it is for me to be part of the Exquisite family. This is an exciting start to 2015 for me, for us. Being part of a community where we can gush about fashion as much as we want and drool over the ...