16th March 2015



This is certainly one of my favourite dresses; it's interesting in its simplicity from the mesh sleeve to the embossed print. I love the fact that it actually looks like a skirt and a top rather than an actual dress. It allows you to easily ...

9th March 2015



  I am an advocate for dark colours but there's something about navy that's just so beautiful, not as dark as black but elegant enough to make a statement as powerful as the little black dress. It's a lot more inviting than black; certainly a ...

3rd March 2015

Finding a coat for perfect layering during winter without sacrificing so much for fashion. A lovely jumper is very handy in winter, and of course a statement coat. There was a huge range of statement coat from the just conclude LFW. From camel to eye ...

27th February 2015



  [gallery type="rectangular" size="full" link="file" ids="10519,10526"] Is it just me or does this year seem to be moving quite swiftly? It's the last Friday of February and on Sunday we'll be in March. For those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, it will be the ...

23rd February 2015



Rise and grind! I love Mondays, there's something about it that just makes you feel like you can start all over, as if the previous week did not exist at all. Everything seems possible, it's usually the day where you promise yourself that you're going ...

22nd February 2015
Sophia I



What I like about fashion is dressing up how i like to, forgetting the modern life pressure of how we should look and how we should not. I like to take style as an adventure, I never know what I will wear next and if ...

20th February 2015



I've been feeling particularly sporty lately because the sports luxe trend has been in the air and it cannot be ignored. Of course, as usual, we need to add our own twist to it so its been more of a 'sports glam' for me. No ...

18th February 2015

Hello guys, hope you had a lovely valentine filled with love and laughter. Did you manage to check my blog article on valentine day. It was explosive and expressing. I say that in my little voice. Is it interesting how we are able to express ...

11th February 2015



Who said jewels were only for the weekend? Flashback about 10 years ago and not many people would be adorned in accessories on their way to the office but office wear has changed since then. It reflects our personality, even the concept of the suit ...




I wore this outfit thinking of spring and more friendly weather. But I am far from the reality of warm weather. I choose to wear gloves because the uk temperature is still very temperamental. We still have few months of cold to battle, so it ...