Things That Can Hinder Hair Growth

Hair Growth

Have you done all you could think of to improve Hair Growth, but no progress has been made? Sometimes it’s not about your regimen but hidden major factors. Read on to find a likely culprit!

No vexing- Stress can do much damage to hair Growth and overall health. Try to prevent losing hair, length, or thickness by choosing to let go of things that do not help you. It can be toxic friendships or work schedules; if you can change it, try to do so. IF not, realize stressing won’t make it any better. Stylist tip: Massaging your scalp with a few drops of coconut or jojoba oil can aid in hair growth and relieve stress after a long day at work!


Medical mystery- Sometimes, a change as simple as dosage of medication improves Hair Growth. Read the side effects on your medicine; one could be hair thinning or hair loss. Ask your doctor if a lower dose of meds can help restore your hair’s health; help may be closer than you think.

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The devil is in the details- Getting lax in reading the ingredients in hair products can be costly. A general tip is to avoid ingredients with long, hard-to-pronounce names. One example is Sharomix DMP: sounds like a typical ingredient, but allegedly contains a compound that can cause formaldehyde to form. This is also reported to cause scalp irritation and tough dandruff-like flakes to form. Yikes! For a remedy, please stop use immediately and massage affected areas with castor or olive oil.

Article By : StyleItKell, beauty and style contributor

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