The new Kylie Cosmetics’s Bronze Extended eyeshadow palette just dropped and it looks incredible


In the world of beauty launches, Kylie Jenner is definitely on a winning streak. Set to become a billionaire by 2020 and launching collaborations left, right and centre with her sisters, Kylie has yet to spend a week without dropping a new product (since the birth of her baby girl, Stormi).

The latest sell-out product from Kylie Cosmetics? The new Bronze Extended Eyeshadow Palette. Following the success of her all-matte palette, Bronze, Kylie is releasing a combo of 12 matte and glittery shades.


The palette will feature seven of the old shades and five new ones: Goddess….which is a deep brown, Pyrite….which is a metallic gold with olive undertones, Amber….which is a metallic amber (get that?? Lol), Chakra…..which is a true metallic gold, and finally, Copper – a metallic copper.

Kylie teased the new palette on her company’s social media and the images got mixed reviews – while most were raving about the new shades, some users were upset that the palette was not “all” brand new. One user commented: “I love Kylie and have a lot of her products but I don’t get why she’s repurposing a lot of the same makeup and making it a different thing.”





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